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Husband, Father, Retired Police Officer, Commercial Fisherman

Community Volunteer

Jerry Nankervis and his wife Lisa came to Alaska looking for opportunity and adventure. In 1987 Jerry joined the Juneau Police Department. He and Lisa worked and saved and bought a little house in the Mendenhall Valley where they raised two sons. Jerry became involved in the community, coaching Little League and youth hockey, but also taking time to play hockey himself – and hunt, fish and garden.

After 24 years Jerry retired as Captain of the JPD and began commercial fishing in the summer. He also ran for the Juneau Assembly and won a Valley seat. Currently he is in his 6th year on the Assembly and serves as Deputy Mayor. In his spare time Jerry referees hockey games and is President of the Juneau Hockey Officials.

“My family has made Juneau our home for 31 years. Today I am prepared to make the same commitment to you that I made when elected to the City and Borough of Juneau Assembly in 2012. If honored to serve in Alaska’s State Legislature, I will work hard to create the opportunities all of our children deserve.”

“The jobs we create today keep our children from being forced to leave Juneau tomorrow. Alaska must remain open for business and we need to work hard to keep the jobs we already have: state government, fishing, mining, and tourism jobs. These industries are the foundation of our local economy and along with entrepreneurial enterprises – that industrious Alaskans are so skilled at developing – will sustain us for many years to come.”

Experience, Integrity, Public Service. That’s Jerry Nankervis!

Juneau’s best choice for House District 34

Why does Juneau need Jerry Nankervis?

Because Juneau needs LEADERSHIP, INTEGRITY and EXPERIENCE in the State Legislature!


From the time Jerry Nankervis was in high school he was tapped for leadership positions. At the Juneau Police Department, Jerry worked his way up from Patrolman to Captain. Currently, Jerry is serving as Juneau’s Deputy Mayor. While on the Assembly, Jerry chaired both the CBJ Finance and Public Works committees. In the summer, Jerry captains his own commercial fishing vessel. Over the years, Jerry has coached and mentored hundreds of young hockey players, modeling the qualities of fairness, respect and good sportsmanship. Leadership is in his blood and working with people is Jerry’s passion.


In college, Jerry earned a bachelor’s degree in Conservation with a minor in Criminal Justice. During his 24-year career in Public Safety, Jerry worked as a JPD Patrolman, Field Training Officer, Assistant Range Master, Investigator (Detective), Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain. In 2012, Jerry was elected to a Valley seat on the Juneau Assembly and was re-elected in 2015. As a community volunteer with youth sports and hockey, Jerry has interacted with thousands of Juneau residents. Jerry’s hands-on business experience as captain of his own commercial fishing vessel has given him valuable perspectives on the challenges of operating a small business.


The public expects elected officials to hold themselves to the highest standards of personal and ethical behavior. As a professional police officer and elected official, Jerry Nankervis has always demonstrated honesty and integrity. Jerry has very high expectations of himself and is forthright, transparent and completely accountable. Jerry is a team player who always plays by the rules. He is not afraid to take responsibility for his actions or own his mistakes. Jerry is mentally tough but sufficiently humble to admit when he does not know the answer. Jerry is never afraid to have the tough conversations.


Alaska needs a balanced budget. Jerry has been an advocate for a sustainable budget at both the local and state levels. Jerry believes it is possible to balance the budget without cutting essential state services and neglecting our infrastructure. Before retiring from the JPD, Jerry worked on budget issues for the police force and as Chair of Finance on the Juneau Assembly, Jerry helped craft the City’s $300 million budget. Jerry does not believe we can tax our way out of a recession but he also reminds us that we are “all in this together” and must therefore work together to resolve ongoing fiscal challenges.


Alaska’s crime rate must be lowered and our Capital City kept safe. Jerry’s 24 years of experience in Public Safety has given him the skills and experience necessary to work with prosecutors, police, victims and social service groups to keep public safety and crime prevention a top priority. Strategies include targeting the hotspots and treating the issue like a public health crisis. Making better use of technology and social media can increase public awareness and neighborhood vigilance.


Jerry is a strong supporter of education. Both of his sons attended elementary school at Mendenhall River, middle school at Floyd Dryden and high school at JDHS. Jerry also understands that many of the funding issues Juneau faces stem from our precipitous drop in enrollment. According to the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (DEEC), between 2002 and 2018, enrollment in the Juneau School District dropped from 5,608 to 4,778 students. This loss of 830 students is directly related to the loss of local jobs and Juneau’s lack of even modest growth. Jerry’s commitment to increase jobs in Juneau will lead to a more stable school population and more robust funding for education.